About us

We are one of a kind

We stand apart from the DIY teeth cleaning powder moms out there and offer you a more convenient and friendly way to take care of dental hygiene.

Provide high-quality tooth powder for every adventure

Our mission at RipPak is to become the household name in single serving tooth powder. Who can’t use a cleaner mouth at any given time? It is up to RipPak to help fill that gap.

We realize that our customer satisfaction is directly tied in with our success as a veteran owned company. We work diligently in bringing you the best ingredients and the most versatile product available. On top of that, it tastes good too. It has been tested in the most rigorous environments so that when you finally use it, it lives up to the hype as intended.

Our Ingredients

We are proud of our high-quality and organic ingredients which are sourced right here in the USA. Our ingredients are naturally derived and vegan friendly!

Kills germs and other bad breath causing bacteria
Activates without water

Foams up to completely canvas your mouth
Does most of the work for you